Readers Loving The Titleist AP2 Irons

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We've been getting a lot of positive feedback from our readers on the Titliest AP2 irons. People are trying them at demo days and are falling in love with them. SirPutts talks to one such reader today…

What do you hear about the Titleist AP2??  Hit them briefly recently and was favorably impressed. Choices are AP2s w/ Project X shafts or Mizuno MP 57 with Project X shafts. Will be hitting AP2s again at demo day this Sunday.

I like the Titleist and my club has an account with them, and not Mizuno which is an issue since I am on our Board and need to support our shop. AP2s have a very good feel, slightly less so chipping. Seem forgiving for a players club, but still workable. A little expensive.

Mizuno has sweet feel in all ways, but have higher trajectory and slightly less forgiving. Also considered: Taylor Made R7TP (poor feel for chipping, heads too large), Callaway X-20 Tour (poor feel for chipping, heads too large).

Have written you in the past – keep up the posts and thanks for your advice again!!

To get right to your question, we are hearing great things about the new Titleist AP2's. Great look, great feel, and pretty decent forgiveness for this type of a club. They are getting great use on tour and a ton of looks in our shop. The price is a bit high but it always is for Titleist products. This is probably my favorite "players" club for 2008.
I do like the MP-57 but not nearly as much as the AP2. Mizuno, as always, has great forgings and a club that looks and feels phenomenal. But I don't think the performance is on par with a club like the AP2 or even the Callaway X-Forged.

Both clubs are good but if I had to make a recommendation I would go with the Titleist AP2 hands down.

SirShanksAlot Adds… SirPutts is right on the money. The AP2 is a unique combination of forgiveness and playability. Better players like it because of it's feel and clean look. They are able to work the ball but the club still has some forgiveness… something that is often lost in these types of irons. I like that you've been out to a demo day already and that you're planning on attending a second. The good news… you're looking at two really good irons. The bad news… you have to choose between two really good irons. All things being almost equal… take the club that you feel is a bit more forgiving.   

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