Free Hybrids, Ryan Moore's Ping Hat

Wow… it's almost been a week since we last updated the site. We're not slacking… we've just been a bit busy. I had the honor of making Miss ShanksAlot (I guess that's Mrs. now) my new wife on Saturday… and SirPutts had the honor of drinking as much as he wanted at our open bar. Thanks to everyone for making our wedding a special one. We're back and ready to roll so let's get to it!

We have a lot of odds and ends to get to…

– Cleveland Golf is offering a free HiBore XLS hybrid to anyone that purchases a HiBore XLS driver and matching fairway wood or hybrid. This is a great chance to stock up the golf bag before the season really gets going. The promotion ends on June 30th.

– We first talked about Quagmire Golf a few years ago and the boys are really starting to make some waves. Their products are now available at a number of Canadian retailers and one can only assume that American shops will follow. Check out their new website for more details.

– SirShanksAlot's favorite golfer Darren Clarke won the BMW Asian Open over the weekend using a full bag of TaylorMade equipment. Clarke used a set of Burner woods, rac Forged TP irons and TP Red LDP golf ball. In his post round news conference, Darren mentioned that his win was his wedding present to me. Ok… that part may be a bit of a lie.

– Titleist staffer Adam Scott won the Byron Nelson with the help of his Titleist AP2 irons. These irons are hot right now… I can't remember the last time a Titleist iron got people this excited! We're looking forward to doing a review of these.

– Everyone is talking about Ryan Moore's unique Ping hat. This hat was made in limited numbers last year and one can assume that the company is looking at bringing it back out. There were a few on Ebay the other day but the prices were a bit stupid. Ping (like most companies) typically changes their hats in the spring and the fall.

That's all for now. I'm off to enjoy my last day off. Thanks for all of the email. We'll talk to you soon! 

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