Deadly Sand Mistakes

The single most important factor in judging distance in sand play is the length of your backswing. Your swing speed should not be rushed or slowed down in attempts to make the ball go the right distance.You should be accelerating at the same pace into the ball every time. A longer backswing means the club will be traveling faster coming into impact.

Manipulating your swing speed in the sand is a common, deadly mistake. The results are rarely good… and no surprise, I mean… you’re trying to be consistent without using a consistent swing. By accelerating gradually until impact your swing is under control, consistent and efficient. Not to mention, you avoid the number one fault of poor bunker players, which is deceleration.

Bunker Sand Tips Fix

Never, ever swing faster or slower than normal in attempts to hit the ball different distances. The best ways to change your swing speed are by choosing a more suitable club, choking down if necessary or by shortening the length of your backswing period.


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