Callaway X Hybrid Review

Callaway Golf has been a leader in the game improvement segment for years, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been a big player in the booming hybrid market. The company’s Heavenwood stormed the golfing world a few years ago and became an extremely popular option with many of our customers. The X Hybrid is Callaway’s newest stainless steel hybrid and the company hopes it can pick up where the Heavenwood left off.


What Our Advisory Team Says…


Our Advisory Team is a bit torn when it comes to the X Hybrid. Most agree that the club performs but others wonder what makes it any better than the Heavenwood…


This hybrid has a very high launch but some may lose a little distance.


Doesn't seem much different from the Heavenwood model.


Not a lot of "wow" factor. Kind of clunky and dull.


Feels almost like a titanium hybrid.


A little pricier than other hybrids.


Just slightly bigger in terms of size. If bigger means more confidence, then this is good for you.


Overall Advisory Team Rating – 79%


What Our Readers Say…


I think it’s safe to say that our readers haven’t fallen in love with the Callaway X Hybrid. Many readers that emailed us noted that there are probably better options on the market…


Overall Reader Rating – 56%


What Our Customers Say… 


I don’t think anyone is doubting Callaway’s ability to make a good hybrid. They continually put out quality golf clubs that offer proven technology. Most customers agree that the Callaway X Hybrid is good but there is nothing that makes it great…


Performance – This is one of the stronger categories for the X Hybrid. The club is very easy to hit and it hits the ball incredibly high. Some see this extremely high ball flight as a negative while others praise the club for getting the ball airborne from almost any lie. It responds well to miss hits on the heel and toe… thanks to extra perimeter weighting. The club’s unique sole design really helps on shots off the deck.


Feel – This club feels really lively off the face… lively enough that many mistaken it for a titanium hybrid. Some customers mentioned that the club didn’t feel all that great on heel and toe shots and it felt a bit “clunky” because of it’s slightly larger size.


Value – The X Hybrid is in the middle here… it’s not the most expensive hybrid on the market and it’s not the cheapest. The X Hybrid offers decent value for the money in a very competitive market.


Looks – The X Hybrid is noticeably larger than many other hybrids on the market. Some feel that a larger club helps with confidence while others prefer a slightly more compact look. The overall cosmetics are pleasing and the unique is quite eye-catching.   


Innovation – Callaway offers a uniflex steel shaft and an average graphite shaft as stock options. I think it’s safe to say that stock shafts (especially graphite ones) have never been a strength of Callaway Golf. The company combats this with an above average custom department (probably one of the best in the business) and numerous available upgrades. One of the biggest problems with the X Hybrid is that it’s not much better than the Heavenwood. It may hit the ball higher and may be a bit better on miss hits but most don’t see enough to abandon their Heavenwoods. The club’s 4 loft options are par for the course… although some competitors are starting to offer customers more choices.


Overall… the Callaway X Hybrid sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to hybrids. There is nothing spectacular that makes this club stand out from others but it’s still worth a look… especially if you have issues getting the ball in the air.  


Overall Customer Rating – 61%


Overall Combined Rating – 65% 

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