Ping G10 Driver Review

The Ping G10 is the latest addition to the company’s popular “G” family. Ping has scored huge with this line over the years… the G2 and G5 clubs were very popular because they were an awesome combination of looks, performance and value. Can the G10 driver keep the momentum going? Let’s find out…


What Our Advisory Team Says…

The Ping G10 driver was a hit with our Advisory Team… although some wonder if there is really much of a difference between the G5 and G10…


Feels good and sounds good, unlike some of the "odd" shape drivers.


There are a handful of drivers at this price point with a better tech story.


A "normal" looking driver, with above “normal” performance.  For my eye, the half moon alignment aid on top of the driver works a treat in helping correctly aim the clubface.


Great driver for the price!


Driver performs well, although not a noticeable difference from G5 or G2.


Very traditional driver with solid feel and good performance. MOI and forgiveness aren’t as high as others out there.


Overall Advisory Team Rating – 82% 


What Our Readers Say…

The results of our reader poll were what we expected. We hear a lot more positive reader comments than negative ones when it comes to the Ping G10 driver…


Overall Reader Rating – 73%


What Our Customers Say… 

Customer reaction seems to mirror the thoughts of our Advisory Team. People like the G10 because it looks good, offers decent value and performs well. Whether it is head and shoulders above previous Ping “G” models is up for debate…  


Performance – The G10 seems to be good in all areas but not great in one particular one. It offers good distance, good feel and good forgiveness. Very rarely do we hear someone claim that the G10 is the longest, or best feeling or most forgiving driver that they’ve ever hit. Overall… most agree that the performance of the G10 equals or exceeds the performance of other drivers at the same price point.


Feel – Most people are right down the middle here. Some find the G10 a bit hard or harsh but note that heel and toe shots still feel solid. We get a lot of positive comments on the sound of the G10… it’s one of the few drivers that doesn’t sound like a hollow pop can when hit.


Value – This is a strong category for the G10. It’s definitely one of the better drivers for the money. Some wonder why Ping bothered with the Rapture driver when its sister club offers similar performance at a much lower price.


Looks – This is another strong category for the G10. Ping has created a great looking driver. The club’s traditional shape and colorful graphics really appeal to most players. Some don’t like the web design on the crown but it’s not a deal breaker.


Innovation – So is it noticeably better than the G5? Not really. The company has improved the look and forgiveness but we don’t see too many people trading in their G5 drivers for this one. The G10 driver isn’t really loaded with earth-shattering technology and golfers looking for the latest and greatest may be disappointed. Ping offers some great shaft options and their custom department is one of the best in the business. The addition of a “draw” model is a nice touch too.


Overall… people that don’t already have a G5 driver should have a look at the G10. Ping has shown us that traditional looking clubs aren’t dead… good looking drivers can still offer solid performance. The G10 is one of the better “bang for the buck” drivers on the market.


Overall Customer Rating – 81%


Overall Combined Rating – 79%   


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