Sonartec Shuts Doors, Callaway Netfits

Hi everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. We've got some odds and ends from the golf world so let's get right to it.

After months of speculation, Golfweek is now reporting that Sonartec Golf has officially closed it's doors. It's been a rocky road for the company since being bought out last year. Sonartec was purchased by Peter Pocklington last summer and rumors of trouble within the company started shortly after that. Don't know who Peter Pocklington is? Go ask an Edmonton Oiler fan…

Callaway Golf's Netfits site is now up. The interactive site is designed to help golfers select the proper driver. I ran through it and it's actually pretty good. Obviously you want to get fit in person but it's a good way to get started.

I found a really cool site this afternoon that a lot of golfers will find pretty interesting. A company called Priority Designs joined forces with TaylorMade Golf in 1999 and helped the golf manufacturer get to where they are today. Priority Designs has a really cool case study up on their site that talks about their relationship with TaylorMade Golf…the video is really interesting. 

Our first golf club reviews should be popping up shortly. The Advisory Team is almost done with their first round of tests. The system looks to be working really well and we're excited to add a new dimension to the reviews. We'll feature Advisory Team members from time to time as a thank you for all their hard work. Tonight's spotlight is on Golf Headquarters. Thanks to everyone involved!

That's all for tonight. Be sure to swing back tomorrow for more golf news and notes. 

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