Dialing In Your Ball Flight

SirPutts is back and he's diving into the mailbag. Today he talks to a reader about factors that can influence ball flight.

I have three drivers in mind. I like a high ball flight, higher then what I am hitting the ball with my driver. I am looking at the new Callaway Hyper X, Titleist D2, & the Macgregor MT with the Mitsubishi shaft. The best driver I had was a 905J with a stock regular flex 9.5*. My swing speed is mid to high 90. But for some reason I seem to hit a regular flex shaft with my driver better. What have you heard about the new Callaway Hyper X & the Macgregor MT drivers? What is your experience with regular flex shafts? Will this help me hit it higher? My thinking is with a regular flex, but a low torque shaft should help keep it straight while adding some height.

You are absolutely right.  A more flexible shaft (with otherwise similar specs) will definitely hit the ball higher than a stiffer shaft. There are other factors that can affect trajectory as well like bend point, tip stiffness, and spin rates but changing the flex of your shaft is probably the easiest way to get a higher ball flight.
To be honest, I would recommend a regular flex for someone with a swing speed in the mid to high 90's. If your average swing speed is say 98 mph you would probably be able to handle a stiff shaft on your best days. However, on your off days you will probably struggle with the same shaft and you will be wishing you had a regular.
Different heads can also affect trajectory. The Callaway Hyper X and MacGregor MT both have a lower center of gravity than the Titleist D2 so they will give you a higher ball flight as well.

I think you are probably going to have to test out a few different driver/loft combinations to find exactly what you are looking for. A launch monitor could also be really beneficial for you at this point.

SirShanksAlot Adds… SirPutts is right on the money… sounds like you need a date with the launch monitor. These can take a lot of the guess out of picking the proper club. It looks like you're on the right track and it's smart to look for some more height. Too many golfers want a lower trajectory and figure it's the best way to more distance. A certified fitter will be able to dial in a good height for you. You will probably find that the shaft has a lot more control over ball trajectory than the center of gravity does.   

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