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Good evening fellow Shankers.  Thanks as always for checking out our little website and our apologies for the lack of posts lately.  SirShanks has been working hard on assembling information for the upcoming review season and well frankly, I've just been lazy.

But the snow is finally starting to melt here and we are getting excited for the upcoming golf season.  For many people golf season officially starts after Master's weekend.  But for the rest of us, it has already begun.  We might not be able to play yet (depending on what part of the world you are in) but we are damn sure paying attention.

We have a few links for you to check out including this one featuring Tiger Woods.  We have no idea what this is all about but according to the clip we will find out on March 20.  If I was placing bets I would guess it might have something to do with Tiger's new deal with Gatorade. 

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Titleist Tour Blog you should take a minute to do so.  They have some great inside information on what the pro's are up to and what equipment they are trying out.  It looks like the new AP2 irons are already a hit on tour.  I'm excited to try these ones out myself.

And if you are trying to kill time in between filling out your March Madness brackets why not check out the Cobra Tour Blog as well.  They have a lot of neat YouTube clips including interviews and the new commercial spots.

Thats it for tonight, just a quick post.  Hopefully we will be back tomorrow and make sure you stay tuned for the club reviews which will be back soon.


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Gearing Up For Golf Season