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Hi everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days but it's kind of the "calm before the storm" in the golf business. We're only a few weeks away from officially kicking off the season!

In preparation for the upcoming golf season, we're unveiling our Advisory Team. SirPutts and I want to make our golf club reviews even better and have recruited a team of golf retailers and readers to help us. The reviews will look similar to the ones we did last year but we'll now feature a section with comments and ratings from our Advisory Team. The Team will be given specific attributes that they'll rate and will be free to submit comments on any of the clubs we're reviewing. We're excited to see what the Team has to say!

Don't worry though… you don't have to be on the Team to have your say. We'll still have our online poll and our new comments feature will give all our readers a chance to weigh in on the reviews.

We'll be updating the Golf Club Reviews section soon with more information on how we rate and review golf clubs. The actual reviews should start flowing in a few weeks! It's not too late to get in on the fun… we could probably use 2 more readers or retailers on the Team. Send us an email if you're interested! 

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