New Matrix Website, Donald's Shoes

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! We've been busy behind the scenes here but I thought I'd throw together a few golfing odds and ends tonight…

We had a few questions about the golf shoes that Luke Donald wore at the Honda a few weeks back. Donald wore a custom pair of Brown and White Blucher Footjoy Classics on Saturday and the company's Black Patten Leather and White Shield Tip Classics Dry Premiere on Sunday. The Shield Tip Classics Dry Premiere can be ordered through the Footjoy catalog (model # 50819) and the Brown and White Blucher Classics can be special ordered. These special orders take 10-12 weeks to make. Thanks for your email!

The guys over at Matrix have launched their new website. The old site was in desperate need of a makeover and the company has put together a nice replacement. Swing by and have a look!

Ogio has filed a lawsuit against Callaway Golf. Here's the condensed version… Ogio made the golf bags for Callaway from 2000 – 2005. You'll remember these bags because they featured Ogio's unique "Woode" organizational top. Ogio notes that Callaway continues to use same organizational top even though the companies have parted ways. We'll have to wait and see how this one plays out… seems pretty simple to me… but I'm not a lawyer. 

That's all for tonight… thanks for dropping by. We'll talk to you tomorrow! 


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