The Downswing Race

If you imagine your wrists and arms in a race to impact, who should win? The clubhead? Your arms? Your wrists? Your downswing into impact should be led and controlled by your wrists.

downswing image first?

This is because the clubhead trails behind as it is still being released by the wrists into impact. This is what creates the snap at impact that leads to more power.

Many amateurs don’t seem to understand this concept. They make an arms-only over-the-top swing resulting in a lack of power and control. The wrists are so influential because they help set the club at the top of the backswing in the proper position which, during the downswing, will lead to a proper ‘lag’ position. Lag is the secret move in golf for more distance.

Watch the downswing of any professional. From the top, the first movement down is from the wrists setting the club in the classic reverse “L” position, indicative of lag. This position continues until the arms are at about 8:00. From here the wrists begin to uncock, quickly snapping the “L” into a straight line moments before impact. And as you will notice in the image above, my wrists pass the finish line first.

This move is the key to more distance, use this race image on the range and see if you can start gaining some extra yards.


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