in Wants You!

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by! The title really says it all tonight… we're looking for a few enthusiastic readers to give us a hand this summer.

Readers often email us offering their assistance or feedback and people are always eager to lend us a hand when we ask. We don't charge a membership fee on the site (and have no plans to change that) and really don't make any money off of it. We do it in our spare time because we like talking about golf clubs and like interacting with our thousands of readers.

SirPutts and I are looking for a few readers interested in lending a hand this summer. Do you keep up to date on all the latest clubs? Do you get out to a few demo days or spend a bit of extra time in your local golf shop? Drop us a line! Don't worry… it's not a huge commitment… maybe 20 mins a month.

We're also still looking for a few people from the golf retail side of things. Do you own or manage a golf shop? Are you looking for some free advertising? Send us an email!

That's all for tonight.. we'll talk to you tomorrow! 

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