John Daly And Adams Golf

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. The site was down for a lot of today so I'm hoping you're able to get on now without any problems. It had something to do with the servers being down… computer stuff is a foreign language to me so I don't know the details. We're got some John Daly news and a few tidbits from Adams Golf.  

We got some email asking about John Daly and his Adams staff bag at this week's Mayakoba Classic. John Daly has not signed with Adams Golf and the company tells us that there isn't even a deal in the works. A Tour rep for Adams happens to be caddying for John this weekend. John's staff bag was damaged in transport and the rep loaned him an Adams bag. 

Speaking of Adams Golf… the company will release it's new Idea Pro Gold iron later this year. These will be the next generation of the Adams Pro irons and the company is currently finalizing some of the club's cosmetics before releasing "official" pictures… although there was a small teaser picture in the Golf Digest Hot List issue.

The company also has their Idea Pro Gold Boxer hybrid out on Tour. There are a few pictures of this club floating around the net… essentially it looks like the current Idea Pro hybrid mixed with the  Idea a3 Boxer. Again… expect these to come to retail over the next few months.

That's all for now… we'll be back tomorrow. Thanks for the emails! We're working to answer them all. Another thanks goes out to everyone using our new "comments" feature. SirPutts and I are trying to add to comments threads too… it's a great way to add your two cents! Talk to you soon! 

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