New Adidas Tour 360 LTD Golf Shoes

Hey everyone. We're got a few reader emails in the box tonight so I thought we'd clean them out! Remember that you can always contact us with your golf equipment questions. We do our best to get back to everyone. Let's get to it…

I was also considering buying a black pair of the Adidas Tour 360 II shoes and saw where Adidas is supposed to have a new line of shoes coming out later this month. Are any of the shoes in this new line supposed to replace the Tour 360 II's?

The new Adidas Tour 360 LTD golf shoes have already been released and are basically a tweaked version of the previous Tour 360. Adidas is pushing the luxury aspect of the new line… creating a shoe that combines luxury materials and the company's 360 Wrap technology. The Tour 360 LTD is available in 3 colors and can be seen on the Adidas Golf website. Adidas golf has also recently introduced their new Powerband Sport shoes. Watch for both of these shoes on Tour in the coming weeks.

I own the 12 degree subject club (Dunlop LOCO Senorita) for about a year now AND LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!  BUT, yesterday, the head came flying off the shaft when I was driving the ball. I can't find another one. Can this be fixed, or can you tell me where I can go to replace it?

You should still be able to get this fixed under warranty. I can't remember the specifics of Dunlop's warranty program but I'm pretty sure you're still ok. Take the club back to the place that you got it (or to any Dunlop dealer for that matter) and they'll contact the company for you. My experience with Dunlop's warranty department is limited… they're pretty good at taking care of the customer although they can be a bit slow at times. The problem could require a simple re-glue of the head. Any clubmaker can do this for you and you'll only be without a club for a day or so.

That's all for now… a few answers to some of our emails. Remember we're still looking for people in the golf retail business looking for some free advertising on our site. Contact us if you're interested. I think that wraps it up for tonight… we'll talk to you tomorrow! 

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