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Hi everyone. Hope you had a great day. It's a pretty light day in the golf club news and rumors business so I thought we'd throw together some odds and ends for a post. 

First up… we're still looking for golf retailers interested in some free advertising on our site. If you own or work at a pro shop or retail store drop us a line! 

You've probably seen some interesting TaylorMade Tour pictures over the past few days. These pictures are courtesy of our friends at Epic Golf Tour Products. They're still in the process of finishing up their website but it should be an interesting place for our readers to check out. Epic Golf Tour Products offers various custom fit clubs, quality components and really knowledgeable staff. They're hoping to have the site up and running in the next few days so swing by and check it out. We'll post other pictures for everyone as we get them.

TaylorMade Tour clubs 

SirPutts has been busy with the reader email. Tonight he talks about building your own combo set…

I am a 9 handicap and I plan to replace my 6 or 7 to pw irons with the Callaway x20 tour irons. I currently play the Ping G2 and find the offset to much on these clubs. My question is, at my handicap level, do you think this type of club will be ok to use. Also, do you think it would be ok to replace the 6 or should I stop at the 7?

A 9 handicap player who is a decent ball-striker should have no problems with the X-20 Tour irons, especially in the shorter clubs. Ideally I would probably have your X-20's starting at the 5 or 6 iron. You are probably going to notice a fairly significant difference in moving from the G2 to the X-20 Tour so the more clubs you can keep the same the better off you will likely be.
If you were to go 4 iron G2 and 5-PW in the X-20 Tour, or 4 and 5 iron G2 and 6-PW in the X-20 Tour I think you would be okay. The G2 irons will almost be like hybrids in this set.
Ideally I think a combo or transitional set (something along the lines of the Adams A3 or even Mizuno MX-25) is a better way to do this but if you are comfortable with the X-20 Tour you will be able to make it work.

SirShanksAlot Adds… some companies make it easy to combo their irons. MacGregor's new MT Pro irons offer the same specs in both the cavity and blade models. This allows golfers to create their own combo set while keeping the club specs the same. Building your own combo set can be a great way to "customize" your golf bag. Just remember to check the specs of the irons that you are using. One company's 4 iron can be another company's 5 iron. Keep an eye on the lie angles as well… make sure there is a good flow to the set. Remember that most of the name brand irons are offered in sets and individually. Only want 5-PW in a set? Get your shop to order them that way… it will save you a few bucks!   

That's all for tonight. Thanks for dropping by and we'll talk to you tomorrow! 

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