New Golf Clubs Hit The Net

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! We've got some odds and ends from the world of golf equipment so let's get to it!

It's more of a football day at the ShanksAlot house so I think these will be in point form…

– Mitsubishi Rayon has officially released their JAVLN FX line of graphite shafts. We talked a bit about these a few weeks ago and now the company has info and pictures up on their website. The JAVLN FX shafts will be available for woods, hybrids and irons. 

– MacGregor Golf now has their new products up on their website. The company's MT iron line has received a lot of internet buzz yet the new MT woods have completely flown under the radar. Expect some good things from MacGregor Golf in 2008.

– Staying with new golf clubs… Check out the "News" section of the Titleist website for more info and pictures of their new irons. We had some pictures for you a few weeks ago but it's always fun to see the "official" release info.  

– Interchangeable clubs have been all the rage so far and Nickent is jumping into the market as well. The Nickent Evolver 4DX driver will feature a screw port in the hosel to allow golfers to change the shaft. The Evolver will be offered in a boxed package with two UST graphite shafts. Word on the street is that the company is also working on hybrids and fairway woods with the same interchangeable shaft technology. Watch for the Evolver 4DX driver in March.

Some of you have noticed that we've added a "comments" feature to the site. We hope that some of our readers will add their opinions to our articles. You don't need to sign up to use the feature… just type away! SirPutts and I will do our best to communicate with readers through the comment box as well.

And finally… how could we go through a post without talking about our beloved San Diego Chargers. Congrats to the boys on their fantastic turnaround season. It's sad to see the season come to an end but it's exciting to see that the core group of players are signed for years to come. I guess it could be worse… I guess we could be Raiders fans…

That's all for today! Thanks for all the email. Questions? Feel free to drop us a line or use the comments box! 

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