Fix Your Slice And Improve Your Timing

How is your swing’s timing? Is your ball flight erratic, and your ball contact inconsistent? I reckon your swing’s timing could use some work.

stop go drill golf fix 

Correctly timing the motion of your swing is the first step in creating a repeatable and consistent action. The most common faults with poor timing are to rush the downswing with an aggressive upper body drive or an exaggerated lower body slide. This tends to cause the clubface to be wide open at impact leading to a tragic slice.

This drill will help you feel and understand the proper sequence of events on the downswing. More importantly, it will teach you that the arms don’t do too much in the downswing; they just hang on for the ride.

The proper sequencing of the downswing from the top consists of your hips and legs rotating forcefully but fluently towards the target. The key word here is rotating, be sure your not sliding.

Swing normally to the top of your backswing, and get into the ‘stop’ position. Check to see your weight is balanced in the center of your feet. It is very common for your body weight to move towards your toes or your heels as you swing, adding to your consistency.

Once you are certain your position is sound, start the ‘go’ move with your hips and legs rotating towards the target. You should feel you hips tug your arms into position in the slot, creating lag and power. Soon the entire motion will begin to feel much more automatic and effortless.


Be sure to give this one a try guys if you suffer from the banana ball or you feel like you swing is getting out of sync!


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