Callaway Golf Introduces I-MIX

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! Callaway Golf has taken golf club customization to a new level with the introduction of their I-MIX technology.

Callaway calls it "do-it-yourself club customization". The I-MIX technology now allows for completely interchangeable shafts and heads. Customers will now be able to buy FT-i and FT-5 heads and over 70 brand name graphite shafts separately and then construct their own golf clubs. The shafts are fitted with a special cap screw that screws into the club's hosel. The customer then uses the special I-MIX wrench to put the two together. The company hopes that golfers will use the technology to construct different golf clubs for different playing conditions. 

Callaway I-MIX

Callaway I-MIX 2

Looks like other companies will get into the customization mix soon… TaylorMade, Nike, Nickent and Nickent are working on similar technologies. We should have an announcement on the TaylorMade one very soon. Dubbed as "Tour Van In A Box", TaylorMade's entry will come with 3 shafts of different weights… and a $1000 USD price tag. 

That's all for tonight. We'll be back tomorrow with more Callaway news. The company has announced their Authentics line… featuring the new X-Prototype blade. Talk to you then…

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