Fidra Apparel Sold, Callaway 2008

More news from Cleveland Golf tonight… sister company Fidra has been sold to new owners and the company has announced new anti-counterfeit measures. 

Fidra Golf has been sold to Goodtimes International Co., Ltd. Founded by John Ashworth, Fidra was purchased by Quiksilver in 2001. Looks like the company will focus it's immediate efforts on the Japanese market but hopes to gain new partners to keep the brand global.

Cleveland Golf has also introduced new security labels that will be included on new products. The labels are actually pretty cool… they feature a small lens that the customer can wave over a part of the label. If you see a bunch of "CG" logos, the product is real. Cleveland Golf has been one of the leaders in the crackdown on counterfeit golf clubs.   

And finally… we've talked about the 2008 Callaway Golf line and it's now available on a redesigned Callaway Golf website

That's all for now… talk to you soon! 

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