Waiter Drill – How To Cure Your Slice

The flying elbow as it is so eloquently called, is one of the most common cause for a slice among beginners. Not too sure what a flying elbow is?

waiter drill golf fix

The answer is simple, if at the top of your backswing your right elbow is pointing behind you, your elbow is flying. Ideally your elbow should point to the ground at the top of your backswing… unless of course you are over extending your backswing, in which case, a slice is the least of your worries, and you should invest in a physiotherapist.

Your bicep and forearm should be close to making a 90° angle at the top of your backswing as the club reaches a parallel position (in reference to the ground). Any further extension will destabilize your swing by forcing your weight to shift improperly back to your lead foot. Of course many players have made a good living swinging past parallel, however in terms of consistency, most players opt for a more compact, controlled backswing.

This top position is very similar to a waiter holding a tray of drinks. If you let your trailing elbow get away from your body and pointing behind you will effectively lose the contents on your tray of drinks.


Take this mental image to the range the next time you catch your elbow flying high, and work on making the point when your right arm reaches 90° the peak of your backswing.

Talk to you tomorrow…

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