New Nike ONE Golf Balls

Hi everyone. Nike is set to introduce new versions of their popular ONE Black and ONE Platinum golf balls in February. These golf balls feature the new Nike Power Transfer Layer Technology.

Nike has already had some success with these new golf balls. Tiger had one in play this weekend and just happened to win the Target World Challenge. We won't get into all the details but Nike has found a way to increase ball speed off of all clubs… not just the driver. Both of the new Nike ONE golf balls will feature this technology. 

Watch for the new Nike ONE Black and Nike ONE Platinum in February. Also watch for Nike staffers sporting a red ring on their hats… this ring represents the red mantle layer of the golf ball.  

A quick post for tonight. Congrats to the Chargers for their big win and to the Dolphins for their even bigger win. I'm not a Miami fan but no one likes to see a team lose every game! We'll be updating for most of this week but then will probably take a bit of time off over the holidays. Talk to you soon!  


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