Cobra Pro CB And Pro MB Irons

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We've had a few questions about the Cobra Pro CB and Pro MB irons that have made appearances on Tour. Information is starting to come out about their release.

These irons have created some serious internet buzz and it looks like they'll be available starting in March. The Cobra Tour Blog (an awesome site by the way) has a few pictures and a bit of info on the Pro CB and Pro MB…

The Cobra Pro CB’s and MB’s will be available in March. Precision Project X is the stock shaft for the Pro CB’s. The stock shaft for the Pro MB’s is the Dynamic Gold S300’s. Both the Pro CB’s and MB’s are forged. The Pro MB’s will not be offered in Left handed.

We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available! Thanks again for all the email. Talk to you later… 

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