2008 Callaway Golf Line Announced

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. First off… sorry about the site being down a lot over the past few days. We're getting a lot of traffic and are in the process of upgrading our server package. We're hoping everything will be back to normal in the next few days. Callaway Golf has officially …

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. First off… sorry about the site being down a lot over the past few days. We're getting a lot of traffic and are in the process of upgrading our server package. We're hoping everything will be back to normal in the next few days. Callaway Golf has officially announced their full 2008 equipment line and sent out a press release describing everything. We usually don't post press releases but this one lays everything out really well. 

CARLSBAD, CA, November 29, 2007 – Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) today announced its 2008 product lineup. With more than 30 new offerings from the Callaway, Odyssey and Top-Flite brands, the lineup represents the most extensive new product initiative in the Company’s history.

In addition to the Callaway Golf Hyper X Driver, the FT i-brid Irons, and Tour i Golf Balls, the 2008 Callaway Golf new equipment roster also includes a new FT-i® Driver, three new fairway woods, re-engineered Callaway Golf FT Irons, new Big Bertha® Irons, X-Forged® Wedges, new Odyssey® Black Series™ i Putters and new Top-Flite® Golf Balls.

“This is the deepest, most robust new product lineup we’ve ever offered,” said George Fellows, Callaway Golf President and CEO. “And there’s not a weak spot in this roster. Each of these products is rich in technology and innovation and designed to meet the needs of today’s golfers.”

The 2008 new product lineup includes:


FT-i Tour Low CG Driver – Designed with input from Callaway Golf’s Tour players, the FT-i Tour Low CG Driver has discretionary weight positioned lower and in the extreme corners, producing the highest moment of inertia (MOI) of any Callaway Golf driver. ($529)

FT-i Squareway™ Woods – The FT-i Driver set a new standard in driver performance in 2007 and the new FT-i Squareway Woods will do the same for fairway woods.  With an MOI approaching that of Callaway Golf’s best-selling drivers, the FT-i Squareway Woods utilize Fusion Technology to provide unprecedented accuracy, forgiveness and stability for longer, straighter shots off the tee or from the fairway. ($299)

FT Fairway Woods – The stainless steel face and body combine with a tungsten-infused dual-runner sole to enable Callaway Golf engineers to strategically position discretionary weight for a higher MOI and precise positioning of the center of gravity (CG). The OptiFit® Weighting System allows golfers to choose a Draw or Neutral CG bias to fit their individual shot shape. (Standard model, $249; Tour model, $269)

FT Hybrids – A stainless steel face and body is combined with a tungsten-infused sole to optimize the CG and increase the MOI for superior forgiveness. The OptiFit System enables golfers to choose Draw or Neutral weighting to fit their individual shot shape. ($199)

FT i-brid Irons – The FT i-brid Irons are a new Fully Integrated Set Design that smoothly transitions from super game-improvement mid and short irons to the new i-brid design – clubs that blend the control and accuracy of traditional irons with the forgiveness, distance and versatility of hybrids. The lightweight titanium body, TPU SenSert® and heavy Tunite® alloy combine to create the most forgiving and playable clubs we’ve ever made. (Steel, $162 per club/$1,299 per 8-club set; Graphite, $187 per club/$1,499 per 8-club set)

FT Irons – An evolution of the original Fusion Irons, the new FT Irons deliver the utmost in performance and playability. Multi-material construction allows for premium performance and the Tunite® cradle has been optimized with the addition of Extreme Notch Weighting. Eighty percent of the clubhead’s weight is positioned in the extreme perimeter for a higher MOI and enhanced stability and forgiveness. The new head shape will appeal to more mid-to low-handicap players. (Steel, $137 per club/$1,099 per 8-club set; Graphite, $162 per club/$1,299 per 8-club set


Hyper X and Hyper X Tour Drivers – The innovative Hyper X Driver provides a new benchmark in performance with the introduction of Hyperbolic Face Technology™, redefining the look, feel and speed at which golf balls leave the clubface. The Tour models are designated by half-degree lofts and have square faces for enhanced workability and a more pleasing look at address. (Standard model, $299; Tour model, $329)

NEW X Fairway Woods – Based on feedback from some of the best players in the world, Callaway Golf engineers have re-energized some of the best-selling fairways woods in the game. The most significant upgrade is the addition of the highly successful Modified X-Sole™ Design featured in our X Hybrids, which lowers the leading edge and provides clean turf interaction from the rough or fairway. (Steel, $179; Graphite, $199; Tour model, $219)

X-Forged Wedges – Legendary clubmaker Roger Cleveland designed these new wedges with input from Callaway Golf Tour players. The X-Forged wedges provide better players with all the elements they demand from their clubs: soft 1020 carbon steel for incredible feel, a tighter heel-toe radius for increased versatility and, on select 56- through 64-degree models, the aggressively-sized Mack Daddy™ Grooves, designed at the maximum depth and width for tour-level spin, trajectory and distance control. (Chrome Finish, $109; Vintage Finish, $119)


NEW Big Bertha Irons – The new Big Bertha Irons feature the same Fully Integrated Set Design as the FT i-brid Irons as well as increased offset, a larger effective hitting area and a constant width sole in the mid and short irons. This allows for the control and accuracy of irons with the forgiveness, distance and versatility of hybrids. (Steel, $75 per club/$599 per 8-club set; Graphite, $100 per club/$799 per 8-club set)


Tour i and ix Golf Balls – The new Tour i Golf Ball is the most technologically advanced tour ball ever developed – incorporating perimeter weighting to increase the ball’s MOI. Innovative 4-piece inertia technology utilizes a tungsten-infused outer core to shift weight away from the center of the ball, reducing driver spin for maximum distance and straighter shots, and a softer inner core for unparalleled tour feel. The softer urethane cover generates more short-game spin for precision control and aggressive shot-making and refined HEX Aerodynamics further increase distance by reducing drag. The Tour ix shares the same technology with a slightly firmer construction for more explosive distance. ($44.99 per dozen)

HX Hot Bite™ Golf Ball – This technologically advanced golf ball features a softer, high-resiliency core and ionomer boundary layer that combine for exceptional feel. The softer, thinner proprietary cover gives the ball soft feel and generates extra stopping power for phenomenal short-game control to go along with drag-reducing HEX Aerodynamics for a highly efficient and long, stable ball flight. ($29.99 per dozen)

NEW HX Pearl® Golf Ball – The new 3-piece HX Pearl Golf Ball is longer and softer than the original version. The softer rubber core boosts distance for golfers with moderate swing speeds and HEX Aerodynamics reduces drag for long, efficient ball flight. With a thin ionomer cover that features a pearlized finish for a rich, unique look, it’s the perfect ball to complement a woman’s game. ($24.99 per dozen)


NEW Big Bertha GEMS – A complete set designed for women new to the game or the occasional, high-handicap player looking to play better golf, the GEMS Set includes eight clubs that utilize the latest Callaway Golf game-improvement technologies. Designed with input from women golfers, instructors and expert designers, this is a technologically advanced set of clubs that features weighting that promotes a draw and higher trajectories to help keep the ball in the air for increased distance. ($599)

NEW Big Bertha Driver – After extensive research and testing among women golfers and instructors, Callaway Golf engineers have developed its first driver designed specifically for women. The 440cc titanium head is slightly smaller than a men’s clubhead to reduce the club’s weight.  When combined with its slightly longer shaft and core Callaway Golf technologies, the new women’s Big Berta driver allows a woman to maximize her swing speed for increased ball speed and longer distance. In addition, the CG has been strategically positioned to promote a draw and help reduce fades and slices. ($299)

NEW Big Bertha Fairway Woods – With feedback from women, Callaway engineers have designed clubs that complement a woman’s unique swing characteristics and feature the latest game-improvement technologies. The smaller head sizes and slightly longer shafts combine to help increase clubhead speed for higher ball speeds and longer distance, and strategically positioned internal weighting helps promote a draw, reducing fades and slices – and raising confidence. ($199)

NEW Big Bertha Irons – Women now can play with clubs that take the guesswork out of their set configuration. These technologically advanced stainless steel clubs consist of i-brids instead of hard-to-hit long irons, and super game-improvement mid and short irons. Each club has a wide sole design that improves turf interaction and a low, deep CG that helps get the ball in the air quickly and easily. The shafts are slightly longer to better match the average woman’s height and the lofts, lie angles and club weights are optimized. ($100 per club/$799 per 8-club set)


X Junior Set – Fueled by the success of the X Junior Set for kids 9-12 years old, Callaway introduces X Junior Set for kids 5-8 years old (or between 41 and 50 inches tall). The X Junior sets incorporate much of the same innovative advancements Callaway Golf has incorporated into its X Series® clubs for adults. The clubs provide the perfect combination of performance and forgiveness so junior golfers can play confidently and aggressively. ($199)


Odyssey Black Series i Putters – Black Series i Putters feature the same multi-material construction as the original Black Series Putters with the addition of a new multi-layer Tour insert that provides premium feel and responsiveness. Each putter’s headweight is precisely controlled and matched with the specific shaft length for impeccable consistency and control. Each model utilizes Odyssey’s Fine-Tuned Loft System, which optimizes each putter’s loft in conjunction with its CG to generate pure and consistent roll characteristics. ($269)

Odyssey White Hot® Tour Putters – The unique weight ports in the sole allow Callaway Golf engineers to precisely control each head’s weight so it can be optimized to a specific shaft length for consistency, control and performance. Each putter incorporates the new White Hot Tour insert with a firmer feel for the feedback and responsiveness accomplished players seek and a Tour-preferred bronzed finish to reduce glare. ($149)

Odyssey White Hot XG® Sabertooth™ Putter – Featuring the most radical headshape in golf, the Sabertooth Putter utilizes high-density Dual Fangs to position more weight to the outer-most limits, helping keep the putter on-line for wicked accuracy. Aiming Channels inside the fangs make lining up putts easier and the multi-layer White Hot XG insert, our most popular and most responsive, generates our softest feel with fine-tuned responsiveness ($169)

Odyssey Divine Line™ Putters – Designed specifically for women, the heavier head on each Divine Line Putter is perfectly united with a shorter shaft for outstanding performance on the greens. Each Divine Line model – 2-Ball, Marxman Mallet and Rossie® – utilizes the White Hot XG® insert for phenomenal feedback and distance control. The Divine Line features softer head shapes and a new color scheme for a more feminine look. ($169)

Odyssey Marxman™ X-act Putting Wedge – The Marxman X-act Putting Wedge is designed to function like an Approach Putter, providing an easy-to-hit option that plays perfectly between a putter and a wedge for those tricky scoring shots around the greens. ($119)