Mitsubishi Diamana White Board Shaft Profile

Profile – The White Board is the latest addition to Mitsubishi Rayon’s Diamana family of graphite shafts.  According to the company, this shaft is “For the player who requires the extreme stability provided by a low torque stiff tip and mid section shaft.”  Essentially what this means is low torque, low spin rates, and a low ballflight.


What Makes It Work – We have talked in the past about the manufacturing processes that go into every Mitsubishi Rayon shaft and the benefits of these.  In a nutshell, each shaft is made from scratch by Mitsubishi, including all of the materials that go into the shaft.  This ensures that each shaft is constructed from the finest quality of materials.  Extensive testing goes into each product design and quality control standards are very tight.


Who’s It For – The White Board shaft is designed for those players looking for a stable shaft with low spin characteristics.  It would be best suited for a low handicap player looking for more control with the driver and a lower ballflight.


What People Say – This is a great compliment to the Diamana shaft family.  It is geared for the better player both in shaft design and price.  Players really appreciate the characteristics of this shaft combined with more feel than most low spin, high kick shafts can provide.  While this shaft won’t be for everyone, it is a great option for those looking for a tip stiff shaft with added feel.


More Information –




Diamana White D63
Flex- R, S, X
Weight – 61 grams
Torque – 3.1
Bend Point – high


 Diamana White D73
Flex – S, X
Weight – 72 grams
Torque – 2.8
Bend Point – high


Diamana White D83
Flex – S, X
Weight – 83 grams
Torque – 2.8
Bend Point – high  

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