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Hi everyone. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! The next few weeks are a weird time in the golf business. There isn't a lot going on but it's a great time to wrap up the year and look ahead to the golf clubs of 2008. We're diving into the mailbag tonight. We get a lot of email from golfers looking to upgrade golf clubs as their game improves. SirPutts talks to one such reader…

I am currently a 11 handicap playing a set of Ping G5 irons that I have had for a few years. I want to upgrade to a better iron but am debating whether or not I am good enough yet. I am considering the Mizuno MP-57 because of the forgiveness and playability. Would this be too much of a difference between my G5s?

Also what is the difference in the choice of shafts here, I read the other post on this topic but I am still a bit confused, between the Project X and the stock. If I am reading right the Project X promotes a higher ball flight which would be good for someone like me who is switching from a game improvement iron to a player's iron.

There will be a significant difference from your current G5 irons to the MP-57. I wouldn't say don't do it, but just be prepared for some struggles and serious practice while you get used to the new clubs. Everything about the clubs will change: looks, feel, size, sweetspot, ball flight, distance, forgiveness on mis-hits. There will definitely be an adjustment period that you need to prepare for.
One option that you might want to consider is the MX-25 from Mizuno. This type of a club will fall right in between the two you have mentioned. It is a forged head that will give you more ability to shape shots and control your ballflight while still offering a big cavity and lots of forgiveness.
As for stock shafts – I'm assuming that your G5's have the stock CS Lite shaft in them.  This shaft will be quite a bit lighter than many other steel shafts on the market.
The Dynamic Gold is the stock shaft in the MP-57. It is about 20 grams heavier than the CS Lite and will hit the ball much lower.
In relation to the Dynamic Gold, the Project X is similar in weight and will hit the ball only slightly higher. It is still designed for the stronger player. There is also a Project X High Launch shaft that might be better suited to your game.

I hope this gives you some direction. And as always, make sure you try before you buy. You should be able to try the Project X shafts in some different demo clubs to get a feel for them.

Thanks for all the email! Have a golf club question? Drop us a line! 

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