Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH Shaft Profile

Profile – N.S. Pro 950GH was the first lightweight steel shaft to gain popularity with the golfing public. Weighing less than 100 grams, the 950GH is as light as many graphite shaft offerings but with the consistency of a steel shaft.


What Makes It Work – The shaft is made with a unique steel alloy that Nippon helped to develop. The new alloy is both stronger and lighter allowing Nippon to produce shafts that are easy to swing yet low in torque and durable.


The shaft also features constant weighting, meaning the shaft in a 3-iron will weigh the same as a shaft in a 9-iron.


Who’s It For – This shaft works for just about any golfer looking for a lightweight shaft. The shaft provides a great balance of weight and control with a fairly low torque rating. Many manufacturers have started using the 950GH as the stock shaft in their irons.


Players with a quicker swing tempo should probably stick to a heavier shaft and likewise, players who have a high ball flight might need to look elsewhere but in general this shaft appeals to both high and low handicappers.


What People Say – This is a steel shaft that people have started to talk about lately. Nippon is widely regarded as the leader in lightweight steel shafts and the 950GH is their most popular option. The shaft is very smooth and easy to swing and feels good at impact.


The shaft does not have the vibration dampening properties of a graphite shaft so if that is what you are after stick to graphite.






RI-Q16 Pro
Regular Flex
Weight – 94.5 g
Bend Point – Mid
Torque – 2.0


SRI-A16 Pro
Weight – 96 g
Bend Point – Mid
Torque – 1.9


SI-N16 Pro
Stiff Flex
Weight – 98 g
Bend Point – Mid
Torque – 1.8


XI-D16 Pro
Extra Stiff
Weight – 104 g
Bend Point – Mid
Torque – 1.6

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