Adams Golf Adds Insight XTD Drivers

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by. Adams Golf has officially introduced their XTD drivers. The company has created 2 different clubs in an attempt to cater to all swing speeds.   

The Insight XTD a3OS is designed for slower swingers and features a draw bias and a square shape. Adams has pushed more weight towards the back of the club to maximize launch angle. The Insight XTD a3 driver is designed for the better player. It features a similar shape and a neutral bias. This club is designed to produce a slightly lower ball flight medium to high swing speeds. Both of these high MOI clubs come stock with the Aldila DVS 55 gram shaft and will be available in February.

Adams has also announced that the Insight XTD driver has been named the official driver of the Long Drivers of America.


Adams XTD Driver


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