Spot vs. Line Putting

When aligning themselves to a putt most players fall into two categories. They are either a spot or line putters. Spot and line refer the way you visualize your putts.Say you have a 10 foot putt, after reading the line, do you envision the path the ball will take to the hole (line) or simply pick a spot to aim for and putt (spot)?

Personally, I use a combination of both, I envision the path ball will take to the hole, and aim at the spot where I feel the ball’s path will peak as it breaks towards the hole. Use what works for you.

There are some common problems with both of these types of putting styles, both stemming from a common tendency to look at the hole before putting. Forget the hole! Put it out of your mind.

spot vs versus line putting drill

Spot putter’s – you need to focus on your ‘spot’ only before putting, focus and concentrate on it. Don’t let your eyes creep to the hole, unless of course your spot lies within the hole. Focusing on a smaller target will increase your chances of success.

Line Putter’s – you need to focus on the ‘line’ you think the ball is going to take to the hole. Trace the entire length of the line, from the hole to your ball, ensure your are aligned correctly, and then pull the trigger. No second-guessing, trust yourself and you should see big improvement in your success.

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