Initial Impressions – New Products Keep Coming In

Hey everyone. Hope you are all having a great weekend so far. I promised a post over the weekend so here it is! Our shop had some new products come in last week and we’ve had some good feedback from customers.

Scotty Cameron Detour – Scotty Cameron makes some really good putters but many of my customers have stayed away from his high MOI designs… first the Futura and now the Detour. There’s a lot of logic behind the design but I think most people like Scotty for his classic models. An interesting putter to try… we’ve had a few people try them but not many buy them.

Never Compromise Exchange – I had no idea what to think of this when I initially read about it. We only have the #1 and #2 so far and I really haven’t had a lot of people try them yet. Personally… I love the #2… it’s probably the best mallet putter I’ve ever tried. It’s really solid on miss hits and the weighting system is pretty interesting. The only knock that I’ve heard is that it has a very hollow sound and feel on contact… but it’s pretty hard to knock a putter that keeps the ball on line!

TaylorMade R7 Irons – Consider this one an “in betweener”… it falls in between the R7 TP and the R7 XD. It’s designed for a better player that wants a bit of help now and again. This market is one that many companies are focusing on… the person that has some game and wants a bit of help… but doesn’t need extreme offset and a bulky design. Higher handicaps love the look and forgivness here… but some better players have complained that the irons don’t provide them with enough feel. Put it this way… there are better irons out there for low handicaps and better irons out there for high handicaps… but this is one of the better “in betweeners”.

Nike SV Tour Wedges – Probably the best wedge Nike has ever made… haven’t had a ton of feedback yet but I know it will be positive when it starts to roll in! We’ll keep you updated here.

Nike Ignite Putters – A solid mid price point option. There are some pretty funky designs here but customers are pretty happy when they can get a big brand name without the big price. The Ignite putters feature a very soft feel as well… they could give the Odyssey Dual Force 2 line a run!

That’s all for tonight… off to bed for me! Have a great weekend, Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends and we’ll talk to you soon!

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