Callaway Golf 2007 – A Better Picture

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. I had a nice chat with my Callaway guy the other day and he laid out the Callaway line up for Spring 2007. We’ve heard the rumors and speculation but now we finally have a clear picture of what is on the way.

We first talked about a square driver a few months ago and now it looks like Callaway will have one in the spring. The FT-i will basically feature all of the technology found in the current FT-3 squished into a square. Our guy says it sounds a lot more like a traditional titanium driver and less like composite driver. It will be accompanied by the FT-5 which is more like the current FT-3. Also watch for a new Big Bertha driver as well.

Callaway was showing off their new X Hot fairway wood at the Vegas show a few weeks back and it should be available in November. We’ll also see the X Hybrid at the same time.

The new irons aren’t really that big of a surprise… the continuation of the “X” line and a new X Tour. The X-20 and X-20 Pro Series are basically the next generation of the X line and take over for the current X-18’s. The new X-Tour will be a modified version of the current club… Golfwrx has pictures of it if you’re interested…

That’s it for now but expect to see more new equipment from Callaway/Top Fite/ Odyssey/Hogan as 2007 begins. We’ll keep you updated!

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