Let’s Go To The Mailbag!

Hi everyone. We get lots of email from people like you every day. SirPuttsAlot is really good at getting back to everyone but sometimes I pull a few questions out and answer them on the website instead. Let’s dive into the mailbag and pull a few out!

Have you given any thought to a ball review section on your website?

We’ve talked about expanding our reviews to cover things like golf balls and putters. We might look at doing golf ball profiles… kind of like our shaft profiles. We get lots of “what golf ball is best for me?” email and answer those based on what readers can tell us about their games. Also check out our post from April 12, 2005… it goes into golf balls in a bit more detail. So to answer your question… it may be something we do next year. Thanks for the email!

What is a fair price to be fitted for irons? A driver? A putter?

I don’t think it is out of the ordinary to ask for free fitting when buying your clubs. Most shops will offer this service as part of the purchase price and will often get the various club companies to do the work prior to the equipment being shipped. Fitting a set you already have is a bit different. Costs will really vary depending on what you need done… grips are pretty cheap to replace and/or size, lie and loft adjustments shouldn’t be more than $15/club and the price of a reshaft depends on the shaft being used. If you need a lot of work on a current set you might want to add up the costs involoved and see if it’s even worth it. You might be better buying a new set and getting them fit for free!

Do you think the Cobra 3100 irons will go down in price again?

From what I can tell… no. These are still really popular irons and their recent drop in price has made them harder to find. Supply and demand says the price should stay the same… and I’m not one to argue with that! Great irons at a great price!

A few questions and a few answers. We’ve got a few more in the mailbox right now that I might use in a post tomorrow. Feel free to drop us a line and ask away! Talk to you tomorrow!

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