Lamkin Adds To Crossline Collection

Hey everyone. I had a chance to see some new “non golf club” items today and thought I’d pass along some info. I’ve got news on new Lamkin grips, new shirts from Chiliwear and a first look at a really cool golf bag. Let’s get to it!

It seems one of the big trends in shafts and grips right now is color. Gone are the days of the black shaft and matching grip. Golf is now as much fashion as it is function and we’re seeing more pinks, electric blues and lime greens than ever before. I got a sneak peak at some new Lamkin Crossline grips today and it looks like the company is really hopping on the color bandwagon. The popular Crossline will now be available in red, blue, pink and lilac. From what I understand the pink and lilac will only be available in ladies size… although the samples I saw today were .580 (standard mens size). The grip itself is still the same… only the color has changed. Don’t worry though… you’ll still see these in more traditional colors as well.

I also had a chance to check out some of the new Chiliwear today. Not too familiar with the brand? Check out the full buttoned shirts that Jim Furyk’s wears every weekend. The company was originally known for their Tabasco line of clothing with most of the pieces featuring some pretty crazy designs. The funky, full bodied portrait shirts are still available but the company is now turning some of their attention to full buttoned “camp” shirts. These are really comfortable, feature a moisture wicking material and can be worn both on and off the course. Check out the Chiliwear website for more details!

I also had the chance to see a pretty cool golf bag too. This bag features a small solar panel sewn right onto a pocket. These come with a variety of plugs that can hook up to a cell phone, a camera or even a Blackberry. Now you can recharge your favorite device while you’re recharging out on the course! No idea when these will be available but I’ll keep you posted!

That’s it for tonight… it’s been a long day and the couch is calling! Have a great night and we’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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