Titleist PT 585.H Hybrid Review

Hybrids are huge… and for good reason. Why would someone want to use a hard-to-hit long iron when they can put a few hybrids in the bag? Players of all skill levels (including Tour players) are benefiting from hybrids but the majority of these clubs are designed for the high handicap. Sure most players fall into this “high handicap” range but what’s a low handicapper to do? Enter… the Titleist PT 585.H.


What The Company Says…


Titleist has set out to create a club that blends the distance of a fairway wood with the control of an iron. The stainless steel head is weighted with a 20 gram tungsten sole plug. This helps position to the center of gravity in such a way as to help get the ball up without ballooning. The ball should carry longer than a long iron but shorter than a fairway wood.


The club features a “teardrop” shape that is appealing to the better player. The 585 also offers a wider, shallower profile designed to allow for greater playability. The contoured sole and square face angle really appeal to the better player. The stock shaft options are favourites with low handicappers and Titleist’s custom department is one of the best around.


What Our Readers Say…


Better players seem to enjoy this club while others find it a bit tricky…


This club is a welcome addition to the number of hybrids out there with draw bias, based on a closed face or weighting.


This hybrid feels superb. Titleist is the only company that has figured out how to take the feel of a well struck 2 iron and add in just enough forgiveness.

A very tough club to hit for a higher handicapper like myself. There are better choices out there for me. I like the way it looks though!


Overall Reader Rating – 86%


What Our Customers Say…


The trick to getting an accurate rating here is to ensure that this club gets in the right hands. The 585.H is appreciated by the good players and passed over by the not so good ones. Overall response from decent players is positive. They like the look, they really like the feel and they love the ball flight. The majority of the hybrids on the market today are designed to get the ball up really high. A better player still wants a bit of help getting the ball airborne but doesn’t want it ballooning. This club doesn’t offer a ton of forgiveness but it definitely beats the alternative. Many players are impressed by the iron-like feel… something that not many other hybrids can offer. A good iron player will love this one.


The 585.H is available in enough lofts to keep most people happy and players seem satisfied with the stock shaft offerings. The biggest knock we hear surrounds forgiveness. Just because this club carries a “hybrid” name doesn’t automatically make it an extremely easy club to hit. It’s obviously more forgiving than a blade but rates towards the bottom of the forgiveness scale when compared with most hybrids on the market today.


The Titleist 585.H is easily one of the best “player’s” hybrids on the market. It’s flat ball flight is a pleasant surprise for the better player looking for a bit of long iron assistance. Makes you wonder how much longer 3 irons will last…


Overall Customer Rating – 76%


Overall Combined Rating – 81%

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