First Impressions Of Some New Equipment

I just got home from work and don’t have a ton of time tonight but I thought I’d spend a bit of time and talk about some of the new products that have hit the market… and some of the comments I’ve heard from my customers.

Odyssey White Hot XG Putter#9

Ok this isn’t the newest product out there but feedback from customers has been amazing. People love this putter. It’s plain, it’s simple, it feels good and it’s the same one that Phil uses. It’s been far and away the most popular of the XG line. It’s worth a look if you’re in the market for a traditional blade putter.

TaylorMade R7 Draw Driver

This club has done a nice job taking over for the very popular R5 Dual. My customers have had a really hard time slicing this one. Better players view the R7 Draw as a “hook machine” and don’t bother with it. Have a slice? Give it a try! Just remember… just because it says “R7″ doesn’t mean it features movable weights.

Ping S58 Irons

No sign of the Rapture stuff yet but we did get a few sets of S58’s in the other day. These have really surprised me… I’m not a huge Ping iron guy but these look and feel really good. We haven’t sold any yet but I did have some people hit them tonight. The overall response was very positive… had a few negative comments saying they were still a bit too bulky from the top but they could turn out to be a solid entry in the “players” category. They’re also quite forgiving.

Wilson Nc6 Irons

Again… not a brand new introduction but a club that we’ve had a few questions about. These came out in May (in certain countries) and are the most technically advanced Wilson irons out there. These aren’t for everyone… they’re fairly bulky and only come in one shaft but people that have spent the time to hit them really like them. They feel a bit like the old Callaway Hawkeye VFT irons and are just packed with technology. I’m curious to see if the company will release these in more locations… I don’t think Nc6 sales will go crazy but they do give the higher handicap with a thick wallet another option. They stack up well against the Callaway Fusion Wide Sole, the TaylorMade R7 CGB and the Mizuno MX-900.

Speaking of Mizuno… the company’s website has been updated with new products. Mizuno’s strengths lie in their iron line and they’ve made some great advances with their newest offerings!

That’s all for today. I’ll put up another post like this as more new stuff rolls into the shop. Thanks again for all of the email and we’ll talk to you soon!

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