Cleveland Golf Rumors Swirl After Sale

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by. The sale of Cleveland/Never Compromise Golf to SRI Sports has been big news over the past few weeks and now the speculation and questions have started. What will happen to Cleveland Golf?

I don’t think we’ll get any definite answers until early in 2008 but industry people that we’ve talked to are painting a very rosy picture when it comes to the future of Cleveland Golf. I think one of the first things that we need to understand is that Cleveland/Never Compromise was bought by SRI Sports… not Srixon Golf. SRI Sports is the parent company of Srixon Golf and most people we talk to say there will plenty of room for both companies to co-exist.

I don’t see too many negatives for Cleveland Golf. The company is firmly entrenched in the North American golf market and the additional resources provided from SRI will only help. SRI looks to be fully committed to growing the Cleveland/Never Compromise business and the addition of a full Srixon line will give the company a solid one-two punch.

As for new products… we’ll probably have to wait until the PGA Show before seeing anything new. The company has committed to the Orlando Show for 2008… a show that they did not attend in 2007. Fans of Cleveland Golf need not worry… the company’s future looks very promising.

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