Nakashima Golf Studio Fitting

Hey everyone. I was hoping to have a review up tonight but I’ve been busy doing other stuff so it will have to wait until Tuesday. A few odds and ends tonight so let’s get to it!

Nakashima Golf is now offering Studio Fitting… something only offered to Professionals until now. The company hopes to give golfers the ultimate fitting experience at their Stockton, California location and they are also offering special pricing on their custom fit equipment. This is a great opportunity for golfers in the Stockton area… be sure to check the Nakashima Golf website for more details!

All is actually very quiet on the Nike SUMO2 front. I was expected a big storm over the recall but most people I talk to don’t care about the situation. We’ve still got the club on our shelves and the recent news hasn’t really hurt sales. Nike Golf is making it really easy on everyone. We’ll keep you updated here!

Quick and to the point tonight. Watch for a review tomorrow. We’re caught up on email right now… feel free to drop us a line! Talk to you tomorrow!

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