Proper Alignment Drill

How do you align yourself to the target? Do you stand behind the ball, look down your target line, and then align your feet parallel to that line?If so, you’ve only done half the work, and this drill is for you.

To properly align yourself to your target you eyes, shoulders, hips, knees and feet need to be parallel to your target line. Your shoulders specifically are one of the most crucial body parts to align, as they dictate what path your swing travels on.

Alignment Drill Fix Golf

To for your best chance at a solid shot, be sure to have your feet, hips and shoulders aligned parallel to your target line. To ensure this, hold the head of a club across your chest in your setup position. It should match your feet line. Most commonly slicers have their shoulders aiming to the left, and hookers to the right of their intended target line. With some practice you will learn to get yourself into the proper position every time.

Take a look at your setup position, and see if this drill can help you.


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