Anti-Push Backswing Shaft Drill

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! This week the Golf Drill Guru looks at fixing the backswing!

The backswing is one of the most important parts of your golf swing. What you do during your backswing will affect the results of your golf shot. There are two common faults on the take-away that can lead to a pushed shot. The first is an exaggerated backswing that travels too far away from your body (outside your target line), the second is the opposite (too far inside the target line). This drill can help you fix both of these faults.

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Your target line is an imaginary line that extends from your target through your ball.

An outside the target line backswing will tend to loops inwards on the downswing. This is because, physically hitting the golf ball becomes nearly impossible if you don’t. So if you’re pushing your shots and your backswing is well outside your target line. You’ve got quite the out-to-in loop in your golf swing.

On the other hand, it is quite common to hit pushed shots with a backswing that is too far inside. This move alone will force your downswing to be inside the target line heading into impact, leading to push or push hook.

By placing a shaft in the position shown in these pictures, you are able to fix both these potential causes of your push. The idea is to have the club ahead of the shaft throughout your entire swing. If the club drops inside your target line at any point in your backswing or downswing, you will make contact with the shaft. Work on changing your swing path slowly with this drill. Only hit balls once you are comfortable with the proper motions.

Give it a try!

Fix your Hook, Slice, and Pull too at!


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