Tour Edge Golf Adds New Products

Good evening and thanks for dropping by. The new club parade continues… tonight we’ve got news about a couple of new clubs from Tour Edge Golf!

First up is the Tour Edge Exotics Tour Proto driver. We’ve heard some pretty positive feedback when it comes to the current Exotics driver… our readers and customers love the length it can provide and the club feels great. The Proto is similar to the current Exotics driver but it features an open face (2 degrees… to help with workability), a slightly heavier head and a different stock shaft.

The second introduction is the new Tour Edge Bazooka QL hybrid. The first thing I noticed with these is the look… they are a bit cleaner looking than previous Bazooka hybrids. The company has gone with a tungsten sole weight to help lower the center of gravity. These hybrids are also progressive… the longer irons are more like woods and feature a wider sole. The shorter irons feature a more traditional look and a more narrow sole. I wasn’t a huge fan of previous Bazooka hybrids but these look great and will be worth a look!

Be sure to swing over to the Tour Edge website for more info on both of these clubs. Thanks for dropping by and we’ll be back tomorrow!

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