How to Turn Over Your Wrists

Nine out of ten golfers suffer from a slice. It is the most common ball flight in golf. Many of my students have come to me, saying they need to get rid of their slice, they are losing distance, accuracy and consistency.

The problem is, a sliced golf shot can be caused by hundreds of different things. After fixing some of the obvious factors, what I like to try and do is get the student to feel how a right-left shot is like. After this, they begin to understand what caused their slice in the first place.
Turning wrists over slice fix draw

This drill will help you learn how to rotate your forearms and clubhead through impact to promote a draw. Grab a tennis racket and hold it in your right hand (right-handed golfers). Throw a ball up and step into the shot, trying to copy a top-spin motion of a tennis player. The key to hitting this shot is allowing your forearm to roll over counter-clockwise into impact. Once you can do this move consitently move on to step two.

Step two involves hitting balls with your right hand only; you can find more information on that HERE.

Finally try hitting balls with both hands. Really try to incorporate that tennis top-spin shot feeling into your golf swing and watch your slice disappear!

Good Luck!


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