Adams Launches New Hybrid

Hello everyone! This post is going to be a bit brief… we’re in the middle of a huge electrical storm and I’m starting to wonder how long we’ll have power! Some news on a new club that has just been introduced and some more rumors about a club that many think will be released in 2007.

Adams Golf has officially introduced their new Idea Pro hybrid. We’ve talked a lot about this club over the past few months… mainly because it has had some real success out on Tour. The company has geared this new club towards the better player and has tested it extensively on all of the major tours. The hybrid features a removable weight in the sole that allows the player to further customize the club’s swing weight… a nice feature to have if a better player wants to pull the stock Aldila VS shaft in favor of something else at a different weight. Adams has also incorporated pull face construction to increase ball speed and lower the spin rate. The Idea Pro hybrid will be available September 15th and will come in five different lofts.

We’ve been getting all sorts of email asking about the possibility of a new Callaway driver. There really isn’t a whole lot of information out there but the majority of rumors seem to point to a new composite driver in the “FT” family. The most recent rumor that I’ve heard involves a new FT-5 Fusion driver that is a bit wider from heel to toe than the current FT-3. The new driver is still a combination of composite and titanium but I’ve heard they are trying to get rid of the dull “thud” sound produced by the FT-3. There have been a lot of “square driver” rumors out there and they make a lot of sense… a perfectly square driver would allow designers to put more weight on the extreme heel and toe… thus increasing the club’s MOI. The rules of golf might not allow for a perfectly square club but I’m sure designers can tweak the shape enough to make it work. All indications that I’ve got make it sound like Callaway may be in more of a tweaking mode here… they will try and improve on something that they already have instead of desiging something totally new. I don’t see a new Callaway driver coming anytime soon… I’m thinking early spring. An interesting rumor and an interesting design… we’ll keep you updated.

That’s all for tonight… we’ll be back tomorrow with more so be sure to stop by!

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