Chipping Trough – Improve your Chipping

If you suffer from inconsistent contact and tend to either pull or push your chip shots, you’re not alone. Many of my students struggle with short shots around the green.

The most common faults are a poor swing path, and deceleration. To help improve your contact through fixing your path and ensuring you accelerate your swing, try this drill.

Chipping Trough Drill

Take two clubs and form a trough about a foot apart, and place a ball in the center. Now make a short chipping stroke, while focusing on, at first keeping your club swinging between the two clubs. Once you can do this consistently, focus your attention on having a short backswing, accelerating on the downswing, and following-through the grass. If your club gets stuck in the grass at impact, you have not chipped properly. You will be amazed at the improvement in your chipping if you remember these tips while trying this drill.


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