New Putters From Nike And Never Compromise

Hey everyone! This post is a bit quick because I’m on my lunch break. We’ve got some news from Nike, Never Compromise and Fidra for you so let’s get to it!

Nike has introduced their new Unitized putters and they feature a pretty unique concept. These putters feature seamless construction and the head and shaft are engineered as one piece. This unique design offers golfers great feel and a cleaner overall look. There will be four new models available November 1st… Tiempo, Retro, Neo and Techno.. all of which have forged heads and milled faces. Paul Casey has used a prototype Unitized in the past. The Unitized will retail at $299 U.S.D.

Let’s stay with putters… Never Compromised has officially introduced their GM2 Exchange line of putters. These new putters feature removable weights that allow the golfer to change both the weight and bias of the club. We’ve talked a bit about these but it’s neat to see pictures and get a better idea of what they’re all about. Head over to the Exchange Putters website for more details. Watch for these in stores September 1st.

A quick note from Fidra too. The company will introduce a new logo at the PGA Championship and the company will have a few staffers carrying a new Fidra staff bag. We also had a sneak peak of what’s to come from the company and the 2007 stuff looks awesome… some of it offers UV protection and anti-bacterial fabric. Watch for Jerry Kelly, Harrison Frazar and Wes Short Jr. and be sure to check out their cool bags!

That’s all for now! Thanks for swinging by and checking us out. Talk to you tomorrow!

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