Some Cleveland HiBore News

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Cleveland HiBore lately so I thought I’d take some time and try to answer them. Many of our readers have noticed the recent HiBore price drop and are wondering what’s going on.

First off… there is no new HiBore driver on the way. The company has decided to reposition the club into a lower pricepoint to attract new buyers. Cleveland hopes that a lower priced driver will help sales of the new HiBore fairway wood and HiBore hybrid. There has been a ton of interest around these new clubs and they hope that this will carry through to the lower priced driver. There are more HiBore products on the way… many expect a HiBore iron in the near future.

This move could open the door for a new line of woods… one would expect a higher end, “players” line. There has been some buzz over at about a possible CG line but I haven’t heard anything more official yet. We’ll keep you updated.

Staying on the HiBore topic… looks like the fairway woods and hybrid are starting to make their way onto the PGA Tour. David Toms put a full line of HiBore products (driver, fairway, hybrid) into his bag at the International. Fellow Cleveland staffers Wes Short Jr. and Scott Gutschewski are playing the HiBORE Fairway woods as well.

Hope that answers some of the questions. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. A big congrats to SirShanksAlot Jr. on his 95 last week. Not bad for a 10 year old! Rumor has it that he wants to play SirPuttsAlot for money… I know where I’m putting my cash! Talk to you tomorrow…

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