Aldila VS Proto Shaft Profile

Profile – The Aldila VS Proto shaft has been making waves on the Tour and at a retail level. Aldila says “The VS Proto series includes the unmatched comprehensive and tensile strength of carbon nanotubes to deliver a flex profile right between the NV and NVS.” To put it another way, the VS Proto is a low-torque shaft designed for oversize driver heads and will produce a trajectory slightly higher than that of the Aldila NV.


What Makes It Work – VS Proto is the latest shaft to incorporate nanotechnology. By using carbon nanotubes in the production of the shaft Aldila has been able to significantly increase the strength and durability of the shaft. The result is a low torque shaft that still feels great.


Who’s It For – Aldila counts Geoff Ogilvy and Adam Scott as two of the many players who have put this shaft into play on tour. The VS Proto is definitely geared for the stronger player looking for low spin rates and low torque. This shaft works best in larger driver heads.


What People Say – Anybody who has been a fan of the Aldila NV shaft will love the new VS Proto. The VS Proto has drawn rave reviews as a very stable shaft with a great feel. High ball speed and high spin players would be wise to have a look at this shaft.


Higher handicap players should definitely stay away from this shaft, most have complained that the ball flight and spin rates are just too low.


More Information –




VS Proto 60
Flex- R, S, X
Weight – 63 grams
Torque – 3.2
Bend Point – high


VS Proto 70
Flex – R, S, X
Weight – 71 grams
Torque – 2.8
Bend Point – high


VS Proto 80
Flex – R, S, X
Weight – 81 grams
Torque – 2.2
Bend Point – high

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