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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! We're got a bunch of odds and ends to clean up so let's get to it!

We brought you some pictures of the new 2008 Innovex Golf line and we've got one more for you. We had some questions on the Type S GDT irons so I thought we'd throw up an addition picture of the club's top line. 

Innovex Type S GDT

You'll see the entire 2008 Innovex Golf line on the company's website next month! We've also got the Type S GDT iron spec sheet if anyone is interested. Send us an email and we'll pass it along. 

Nike Golf now has all of their new shoes up on their website . Click on "The Statement" box on the bottom right. Some very cool looking designs! 

Speaking of new golf shoes… Alias Golf will be launching their new Limo model next month. You'll notice a picture of these in our Orlando PGA Show slide show at the top of the main page… they're the brown ones.   

SirPutts had an email asking us if we could review training aids…

I was thinking you could do some reviews on the many training aids that are available.  I've gone through my fair share that's for sure. I really wanted to get this one: . However, it contains mercury and my state regulations won't allow them to ship it to me. Supposedly, they'll have a "mercury-free" one in time for 2008 PGA show.

Training aids is a pretty tricky area to get into. One of the biggest roadblocks is the distribution of different products. Many are available through direct-order programs only. These include many of the aids that you will see advertised on the Golf Channel or online. Retail stores usually won't have an opportunity to sell these for a few months or even years after they are released.  This makes it pretty tough to conduct reviews on them.
Another problem is that there are many different products that fall into different schools of thought regarding teaching strategies, swing tendencies, etc. Depending on what school of thought different teachers or players fall into can be a huge influence on how successful different training aids can be in their hands.
Add to that the fact that many training aids could be considered gimmicky or "band-aid" solutions and it makes it a pretty tough market to write reviews for.

As for the "Swing Perfect" I had never heard of this one until your email. There are some other devices out there that can also help with your swing plane that do not contain mercury.

SirShanksAlot Adds… I went right to our golf drill guy with this one. I talked to Duncan over at The Golf Drill and he mentioned the Path Pro . Duncan has used this aid in the past and found it to be very useful. I've always found that some of the best drills don't require any fancy equipment. Try tucking a towel under your arm if you slice, have a friend snap a few pictures of your swing, use some impact tape on your club face… even take a look at your divot depth and angle. Simple drills that don't cost a whole lot can sometimes be the best route to take. Thanks for the email!

The new Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Hybrid shaft score it's first victory last weekend. The ProLaunch Red Hybrid promotes a penetrating ball flight and firm tip without sacrificing feel. Watch for this shaft in December!

I think that's all for now. Thanks for all of the emails and the support. Feel free to drop us a line! We'll talk to you tomorrow… 


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