Tour Edge Exotics CB2 Fairway Review

The original Tour Edge Exotics fairway wood really took the golf world by storm and brought attention to the entire Exotics line. We hopped on the Exotics bandwagon a few years back when we named the fairway wood the Golf Club Of The Year in 2005. Tour Edge has since launched their second Exotics fairway wood they and have even guaranteed it to be 20 yards longer than the original. 


What Our Readers Say…


Most of our readers find that this club delivers. Is it 20 yards longer than the original? That might be a bit of a stretch…


I hit this club side by side with my older Exotics fairway and the difference is minimal. It’s a great club but anyone that plays the first one probably doesn’t need this one.


I tried this club at my local shop and was very impressed. I just found the price too high. It costs more than my current driver.


I don’t bother with my driver anymore because I hit my CB2 so well. I found the stock shaft to be pretty good but eventually re-shafted it. This club is a bomber!


Great off the fairway! I am now able to go after par 5’s in 2. Worth every penny!


Overall Reader Rating – 74%


What Our Customers Say… 


I don’t think there’s any doubt that this club is one of the longest fairway woods on the market. We talked to lots of people that found the CB2 to be just as long (if not longer) than their current driver. If distance is your thing then this is your club.


The titanium cup face technology increases MOI and lowers the club’s center of gravity. The Tour Edge R&D department should be commended on their technology… even if the extra work adds to the price. The idea of using a chemical bond instead of welding (Tour Edge calls this Combo Brazing) saves weight near the face… weight that is moved to other parts of the club.


Look – Tour Edge has done a nice job of blending technology into a traditional design. The club is slightly larger than most fairway woods but it’s still very easy on the eyes. The face size is very good… it’s shallow enough to aid on shots off the fairway but deep enough to make the CB2 an effective club off the tee and out of the rough. Some customers commented on the lack of an alignment aid on the crown.  


Ball Flight – The Exotics CB2 is a pleasure to hit off of the fairway. The ball gets up quickly and it carries forever. This club is also a very useful option off the tee… although a few people noted that it can balloon on these shots. The extremely low center of gravity can hurt a high ball hitter that uses the club off the tee. Customers that we’ve talked to resolve this one of two ways… they get rid of the tee or they get a shaft that helps keep the ball down. The Aldila NV is a great option for these players.  


Forgiveness – There really aren’t any complaints in this department. The Combo Brazing technology saves weight near the face. This extra weight is moved to help increase the overall MOI. Shots on the heel and toe still result in decent distance and the club feels very stable on miss hits. The CB2 really works well out of the rough too.   


Feel – The thin titanium face produces a lively feel and crisp sound. The CB2 actually feels a lot like a driver… something that most fairway woods can’t offer. This club is 20 grams lighter than the original and some players that are used to a heavier head and steel shaft combination may look elsewhere. It’s not a good option for someone looking for that “head-heavy” feel.


We didn’t talk to too many players that consistently hit the CB2 20 yards longer than the original Exotics fairway. This guarantee may be a bit much but no one will argue that this is one of the longest fairway woods on the market. The CB2 offers a few subtle tweaks but not enough of a difference to sway current Exotics users away from their older models.


The biggest knock has to be price. The CB2 is one of the most expensive (if not the most expensive) fairway wood on the market. This high price immediately turns many people away. Most golfers will spend the money if they feel a club can immediately change their game. This one might do just that. Don’t think of the CB2 as a fairway wood that you’ll use a few times a round when you want to try to hit a par 5 in 2. This club (the 3 wood of course) is long and accurate enough to replace your driver… or at least limit the number of times you pull out the big stick. It’s something to consider…


The Exotics CB2 is available in 5 different lofts. Most golfers look at the 3+ or 3 but agree that this club might be a bit of an overkill in a 5 or 7 wood. The stock shaft options are good and the Tour Edge warranty program is great.


Overall… it may not be 20 yards longer than the last one but the Exotics CB2 fairway wood is still a premier golf club. The big price tag will scare away price conscience shoppers but the extreme distance and forgiveness make it worth a look.   


Overall Customer Rating – 81%


Overall Combined Rating – 78%   

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