Picking A Fairway Wood – Part II

Hi everyone. SirPutts helped a reader pick a fairway wood last week and now we've got a second email on the same topic. Our reader has spent some time out on the range and has come back with some interesting results…

Was out on the range today. Recently purchased the TaylorMade Burner 3 wood and I hit it well (210-220 yards). Last night, found my old Cleveland QuadPro 5 wood and decided to bring it to the range. To my surprise, my old 5 wood went the same distance as my new 3 wood? Is this normal?  For some reason (maybe shaft length) I feel more comfortable over the 5 wood, and since it goes the same distance as my 3 wood, thinking about getting rid of the 3 wood. But am I just not getting it right? Need your advice and expertise on this matter.

Believe it or not this is not an uncommon issue. There are several things that could explain it. The extra loft on the 5-wood makes it easier to get the ball up and gives you a higher, longer flying trajectory. The shorter shaft allows you to make better contact and therefore get more ball speed. The shaft in the QuadPro could be better suited to your swing. Bottom line is, if you hit the 5 wood better there isn't much point in using the 3 wood at all.

Now I do have one suggestion before getting rid of the Burner 3 wood, and that is to try them on the course. Set up on a par 5 or long par 4 about 215 yards from the green and hit a few balls with each club. The driving range can sometimes be misleading. Often it is difficult to tell how far balls are actually travelling, especially when they start bouncing and rolling. And usually driving range balls are not very good quality and they won't fly the same as a better ball. If you try these clubs on the course with a ball that you normally play with you should get a better idea of how they work. If the 5 wood is still as good or better than the 3 wood, get rid of the 3 wood.

Thanks to SirPutts. We'll be back this weekend with more golf club reviews and golf news. Keep the emails coming in! Talk to you soon… 

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