Adams Idea Pro Hybrid Review

The Adams Idea Pro hybrid is the company’s entry into the relatively small “players” hybrid market. Players of all levels are realizing the advantages of using hybrids and companies have responded to demand.

The majority of hybrid clubs are designed for the mid to high handicapper that has serious problems with longer irons. These usually feature a low center of gravity and a moderate amount of offset. Adams has created a club designed for the more accomplished player and have incorporated a lot of features that appeal to even the finest Tour players.

What Our Readers Say…

Readers seem to really like this club. It’s not the most forgiving hybrid on the market (and it’s not supposed to be) and some people knocked it for that. Overall… the feedback was positive…

Far and away the best hybrid I have hit. Some of my friends don’t agree but they also have higher handicaps.

It looks and feels like an iron. The reduced offset is nice to see. I really wanted it in a steel shaft but really like the stock graphite that comes with it.

Adams wasn’t one of the companies that came to mind when shopping but I’m glad I found this club. It was so good that I went out and got a second one.

I love the ball flight. It doesn’t balloon like other hybrids that I’ve hit. This club was a bit harsh on miss hits (especially on the heel) but good shots feel sweet.

What Our Customers Say…

This club was out on Tour for a while and had a pretty decent reputation before coming to market. We actually had customers asking about it prior to us stocking it… something that hasn’t happened with an Adams club since the days of the Tight Lies.

Look – Many people we talk to consider this to be the best looking hybrid on the market. It’s sleek and compact design appeals to those players that enjoy the look of a long iron. The squarish toe is a nice feature and the cosmetics are clean. The reduced offset catches the eye right away and it’s easy to see why many better players have added this club to the bag.

Ball Flight – Let’s call this one “mid-high”. A decent ball striker should not have any problems getting this one in the air. The stock shaft is a perfect choice for this club and keeps the ball at a workable height. It’s refreshing to see a hybrid that offers a more penetrating ball flight. This really helps with distance because yards are lost when a player balloons a club. We had no complaints on distance either.

Forgiveness – There are more forgiving hybrids on the market and many golfers would be much better off with a different club. We had a few customers mention that the club feels a bit harsh off the heel… but there aren’t too many clubs (especially in the “players” category) that offer that kind of forgiveness. The head is big enough to allow golfers to use the club off the tee and out of the rough without too much trouble.

Feel – This is probably the best feeling hybrid on the market. It feels a lot like an iron on well struck shots but offers a bit more versatility. The stock shaft really adds to feel as well. It’s a great option for a solid swinger. The Aldila VS Proto is stable without feeling stiff and boardy.

There are a lot of good hybrids on the market today but very few appeal to the more accomplished player. While the majority of golfers are better off hitting utility clubs with a larger head and more offset, the minority want something that rewards good shots and looks more like an iron. The Idea Pro is a perfect mix of feel, looks and performance… with a touch of forgiveness thrown in. The stock shaft is an excellent option for most players and the club is available in enough lofts to satisfy all. The Idea Pro is priced slightly higher than many of it’s competitors but it’s still very much in the ballpark. The adjustable weight port is a nice feature that allows players to tweak the club’s swing weight and it is a nice feature should the golfer want to swap shafts down the road. The Adams Idea Pro hybrid is a great club for a good player.

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