Cobra Speed LD F Driver Review

Cobra Golf has long been recognized as one of the leaders in the game improvement category. The past few drivers from Cobra Golf have been excellent choices for the average golfer… each slightly better than the previous. The Speed LD F driver is the most popular of the current LD Series. 


What Our Readers Say…


The comments we go via email were positive yet the rating from the online poll was a lot lower than expected. Interesting…


This is the best Cobra driver that I’ve used. I tried all 3 LD clubs and found the LD F to be the best one of the bunch. It’s as easy to hit club without the ugly offset.


I like the look of previous Cobra drivers better than this one. It just looks so big but it’s performance speaks for itself.  


I really like the stock shaft in this club. I’ve never been a fan of leaving the stock in but this one works great for my swing. This club is a bomber!!!


It hits the ball higher than I am used to but distance is still pretty good. My slice is still there but it’s not nearly as bad as before. The sound is a bit annoying but overall I am very happy with my purchase.


Overall Reader Rating – 64%


What Our Customers Say… 


Cobra drivers always seem to score well with our customers. They like the forgiveness, distance and low price offered by Cobra. The F model is far and away the most popular LD driver in our shop and it seems to fit most mid to high handicappers quite well.


Look – This seems to be the most glaring knock on this club. We had numerous negative emails and customer comments concerning the LD F’s “footprint” and large crown dimples. It’s tricky to create a driver with a high MOI and a traditional look. Cobra has done a decent job with the overall look of this club but we can see why some people might look elsewhere.


Ball Flight – Cobra has really drawn the center of gravity towards the back and bottom of the LD F… producing a very high ball flight. This high flight is fairly typical in a game improvement club and it benefits most golfers. Judging ball flight is tricky without seeing the customer hit the club outside on the range. Many golfers think they hit the ball too high when it’s actually right about where it should be. Not a big issue with this club… there are other clubs in the Cobra line for people to look at if the F’s ball flight is an issue.


Forgiveness – Forgiveness has always been a strong point with Cobra and the LD F delivers here. The large face insert and high MOI make this an extremely effective club on miss hits.


Feel – Most people we talk to rate this club somewhere in the middle when it comes to feel. Most mid to high handicappers would rather have forgiveness on miss hits than extra feel on well struck shots. Some say the LD F feels a bit hollow but it’s not enough to sway someone away from the purchase.   


The Speed LD F driver is another entry into Cobra’s lengthy game improvement collection. The LD F’s forgiveness, distance and draw bias makes it the most popular in the Speed LD line. The LD F won’t battle the dreaded slice as well as it’s offset cousin, the Speed LD M OS, but it does a nice job keeping the ball in play. Some readers and customers didn’t approve of the club’s large “footprint” and hollow feel but it’s hard to argue with a forgiving club that does a good job at keeping the ball straight. Oh ya… the very reasonable price (always a strength of Cobra) doesn’t hurt either. The Speed LD F is a great upgrade for those playing Cobra drivers from a few years ago. Golfers with newer Cobra drivers might not see enough of a difference to warrant the switch. Looking for an all around driver without breaking the bank? This one is worth a look!  


Overall Customer Rating – 83%

Overall Combined Rating – 74% 


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